Primary & Secondary Packaging

Primary & Secondary Packaging

Glass containers
i. Moulded Glass Vial, USP type I,II,II clear and amber ( 10 ml – 200ml)
ii. Prefilled Syring 1ml, 2.25ml, 3ml, 5ml
iii.Dental Cartridge >> 1ml, 1.8ml,3ml Dental Glass Cartridge, UPS type I
iv. Tubular glass vials & ampules USP Type I
v. Glass Tubing, USP type I
vi. Cosmetic glass bottles

Rubber stoppers type I, red & grey 13, 20, 28,32 mm

(i) Rubber stopper For injection
(ii) Infusion stopper
(iii) Rubber stopper Lyophilized
(iv) Packing double PE bag or pre-washing (sterile bag)


1) Blister Lidding Foil aluminum, hard or soft tempered printed & non-printed, seals to PVC, PVDC-coated PVC, PE, PP and high-barrier base webs.
2) Cold-form Foil ultimate protection against moisture, light, oxygen and other gases.


1) Sachet Foil and Laminate seal to themselves and provide an excellent barrier
Material composition:
I. Paper – aluminum
II. Paper – extr. – Aluminum
III. PET – Aluminum
IV. PET – extr. – Aluminum
V. Paper – Aluminum – PA
VI. Paper – PE – Aluminum

Flexible Packaging Martials for blistering.
1) Rigid
a) PVC

2) Aluminum Foils
(i) Soft
(ii) Hard
(iii)Pouch & sachets
(iv) Cold forms

1) Flip off caps & Aluminum caps. (13, 20, 28,32 mm) Printer – non-printed & colored
2) Aluminum seals
3) Plastic caps
Cat2-primary-glass-Butyl Rubber Stopper for injection

Butyl Rubber Stopper

Flip off

Cat2-primary-glass-Rubber stoppers

tubular glass-2



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